Thursday, October 27, 2011

Why oh why??

*sigh* the task of trying to figure my costume out for the dance tomorrow seriously has me stressed. Yes, I have a costume, but we have to fix the skirt .. somehow.. ugh..
Why am I doing this again?? Oh yes.. my lovely boyfriend, Micah, convinced me to... I Hate dressing up.. I find it.. more of a bother, than fun. Sure, I have fun in the end.. but it's all those little moments leading up to the fun that I hate. Oh well.. even if my costume ends up sucking.. I'm doing it anyways.
I'm such an antisocial person sometimes. When I'm doing something that's sorta..uncharted territories for me.. I freeze up.. and would almost rather stay away.. then go through it all. Oh well.. Micah's  hoping to help me out of this.. we'll see..

*Fingers crossed*

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