Friday, January 27, 2012


Okay.. So I know Micah and I live too close to be considered a "long distance relationship" ( 1 hour). But sometimes it feels even worse than one.. 

We see each-other once a week. IF we're lucky. And most weeks.. that's just seeing each-other at the movies (not complaining though).

As of this coming Monday, it will be two weeks. 

What makes our relationship feel worse then a long distance one? 
We text.. and that's about it. 

My internet isn't good enough for skpe.. 

and I'm only aloud to talk on the phone if I'm in the same room as people. To me.. that's just weird.

So alas... I wait.. as patiantly as possible for the next time we can see eachother...

I really need my license.. or maybe my permit first....

Love always,

-Alana <3 

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  1. Aw, I hope you get to see each other soon. </3


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