Friday, June 1, 2012

A little thing called life

Today, as I was drowning in hormones and self-pity,
Something hit me (well two somethings actually)
Like a baseball bat to the face (ok maybe not that painful).

I am God's creation.

Let me give you some back story, so perhaps you might understand. 

When I first looked into the mirror this morning.. 
I knew today would be a hard day. 
Because I saw what I considered,an ugly girl. 
But instead of standing up and telling myself "I am beautiful",
I chose to believe the lie that the devil told me. 
But what did I realize this afternoon? 

That by believing that I was ugly, 
was basically telling God he did a crap job creating me. 
Now how messed up and rude is that?
Sure, given the chance, 
several things come to mind that I would change about my body. 
But honestly? 
If God wants something about me to be different, 
then it'll be different. 
Love the skin your in. 
God made you just how you are for a reason. 

God won't let me go through anything I can't handle. 

Now I'm the first to admit.. 
The last month or so has been really rough for me. 
I've gone through and am going through,
some tough stuff. 

My comfort? 
That I've been promised that I will never be alone in anything I do. 

Is it easy?
Heck no. 

Do I ever want to give up?

But I know that I am loved. 

I also know that I love. 

I love the people around me. 
Even if it hurts sometimes. 

I don't always (try hardly ever) 
understand  God's plan.. 
And why I'm going through something. 
But that's okay. 
I don't have to go through this life alone. 

God's dream for my life,
is soooo much better than my dream. 

Dream big, Laugh often,and Love always

-Alana <3 


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  1. Such wisdom Alana! Plus I LOVE that song!!!!! It's been one of our life lines lately!


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