Thursday, July 26, 2012


First of all, I whole heartedly believe that homosexuality is a sin.God created men to be attracted to and marry a woman , and vise-versa.Don't you think if men were meant to be with another man, it would work so they could reproduce? I mean, that's the purpose of sex (yes I realize it's fun, but that's not the point). Gays were not "born that way. I'm sorry, but no. The argument: " why would they chose to be gay, when so many are committing suicide?", the answer is surprisingly simple, they are believing Satan's lies. Gays are not the most persecuted group out there, Christians are. Everyday Christians are murdered for their beliefs. They made the choice to accept the life of a christian, just as gays choose their life.
Let's be clear; I am in no way hating on homosexuals or those who support them.I am simply stating my beliefs on my blog.
For those of you who are still thinking "what an awful Christian! She's such a hater!", Just because I believe their life style is a sin and I don't support it, doesn't mean I don't love them. What would you do if your sister decided to be a prostitute? Would you still love her? Of course! Would you support her choice and be happy about it? I highly doubt it. Just think about it. 
So just to summarize, being gay is a choice and a sin. I am against gay marriage. Our country was founded on the Bible. In God we trust. I am not hating. discriminating, or trying to with-hold rights; because of this life-style being a choice, those phrases don't even apply. It's like saying a drunk person can drive if they want because we don't want to "with-hold rights". It's a choice, people.

 This post.. is probably going to make a lot of people mad. 
And even UN-follow me. 
But I have a need to share my heart. 
God's heart.  

love always,
-Alana <3 

P.S. I did a guest post at The Dream Catcher today. 
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