Saturday, September 8, 2012

An introduction

Hey guys! It's Madalyn, yet again.
Sorry to you guys, and to Alana, for not posting on here for four days. My computer had a sort of...melt-down, so to say. It's still completely broken, but I found a way to post once again without it!

So, I've realized that I never really formally introduced myself to you guys, and considering that I'll be posting on here for a little while longer, I though you guys should get to know about me a little bit! So, let's start off with ten random things about me:

1. I've been a blogger for two years, and my blog has had three name changes (Four if you count the time I changed it back to a name it had already been)
2. I'm a freshman high school student from middle-of-nowhere Illinois.
3. I'm in Marching Band, concert choir, and speech team.
4. I can play Trumpet, Baritone, Guitar, and (somewhat) piano.
5. I've only been out of America once, when I went to Canada, but I've never been on a plane.
6. I have very irrational fears of many things including: Butterflies, heights, bugs of all sorts, ect.
7. I love, love, love the TV show Glee. Especially Blaine :)
8. I've moved about 10 times in my entire life, but I've always lived in the same city.
9. I have no pets, but I really really want a cat. (Which means that, yes, I am indeed a cat person.)
10. I'm a Christian, and I'm very fine with telling people that. Sometimes other people are shy about it, but I completely accept my religion and have nothing to be ashamed of.


So, because I told you guys about me, you should comment and tell me five things about you! I feel like it's important for authors of blogs and followers to feel okay about talking to one another. It helps keep a blog interesting, and helps me learn about what you guys like! 

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