Monday, October 1, 2012

Dreamy Wistfulness

Last night, all I wanted to do, was post a depressing post.
Basically throwing myself a pity party.
But I'm feeling much brighter now that it's day.
So instead.. I'm gonna go all dreamy girl on you :).

I was thinking today.. about my future. 
About the man I'll marry someday. 

When I find a man worth courting.. 
I want us to write letters to each other. 
Not necessarily love letters, 
just letters. 
I want this especially if we don't live close.
It's sweet. 
It means more than just an email.. or a text. 
It's a form of intimacy.
The kind that's perfect before before marriage.  
A good thing in-fact.  

Ah! I wish I didn't have to wait to get my prince charming! 
But alas.. 
I do.

Someday my love..

Love always,


1 comment:

  1. I miss letter writing. Jarrod and I wrote TONS of emails back and forth before we started dating. But I totally agree with you, there is just SOMETHING about letters! Loved this post and love you!!!!


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