Thursday, October 18, 2012


Yesterday was my seventeenth birthday.
I don't feel seventeen.. haha. 

It was a pretty good day :).
Relaxation in the morning. 
Physics home work after lunch (that wasn't so grand) .
Pedicures with Laina in the afternoon. 
Pasta Bella's (an amazing Italian restaurant in Fredericksburg.) for supper.
Youth group- which consisted of yummy chocolate cake, prayer, and just chill time. 

Guess. What. Y'all.

Someone got a word for me! 
It went like this: 
"This year will exceed expectations."


Ok God. 

I'll take that. 

So I came up with this idea.. 

I'm gonna tell you what I expect out of "seventeen".

Here goes:

1) Find my identity/ what I want to do with my life. 
2) develop a poised/ lady like side to me (I'm seventeen now.. that's important!) 
3) Be more of an optimist.  
4) Pass all my Junior year classes with no less than a B average.
5) Put all my bad habits behind me.
6) Spend special time with my God every day. 
7) Start living in the real world more and less in my mind. 
8) Be a better friend/daughter/sister-inlaw/grandaughter/ and just a better me in general. 
Last but not least.... the most selfish of them all... Lord this would rock my world.. 
9) Meet the man that will someday become my husband. 

So there you have it. 
I might add more later on, but it's a start :).

I love you guys.. I really do. 
I have to give a special shout out to Natalie and Stephanie.
Y'all have helped me more than you know. 

Yesterday was kinda hard for me.. 
After two years of celebrating my birthday with my boyfriend.. 
It hurt remembering.. and not having that this year. 

Y'alls words helped get me though the day happy (along with my amazing Laina)
So thank you :)

Love always,


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