Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A pick me up

I had myself a bit of fun with my phone on Sunday.. what can I say? I was bored. 

Instagram edited. 

my face.. is oh so incredibly red.. 

  I never thought it would be so hard.. I mean I hold no elisions that he'll someday be mine again.. but somehow.. thinking about the past two years at this time.. of this month.. is painful. Does it hurt him? Or has preparing for a valentines day with this new girl kept him too preoccupied to even think of it?

  Never the less, I am blessed. My Abbys have picked me up in this overly emotional, painful time.

  Though I don't like being single on this holiday that is coming upon us.. I'll take it as a learning experience that God would like me to go through. Feel free to send me chocolate.

  Any big plans for V-day?




  1. valentine's day is my least favorite day of the entire year. it always has been, whether i've been in a relationship or not.

    but you look adorable in all those pictures. i love to just make funny faces for the camera hahaha

    1. I've never been a huge fan of Vday either (except for the chocolate that comes with it.. I do love chocolate. ), it's just hard with memories.

    2. thank you! It's a great entertainment :P

  2. I hate Valentine's Day (though I've never had a boyfriend) for two reasons.

    The first, the more selfish one, my best friend died on Valentine's Day 2012.

    The second, the more thought provoking/reasonable opinion one, it's a set day to love. When you set a day for love, people, subconciously or not, think something to this extent at the end of the day: "Finally it's over! No more of this crazy infatuation stuff till our anniversary!" Love shouldn't have a set day; you should love like you would on Valentine's Day EVERY day. Just my opinion. Does that make sense at all?

  3. I love your pictures, by the way. Especially the second to last one :) Jesus loves you!!

  4. Why do you have such HUGE bags under your eyes?
    Also... are you anorexic? You're painful skinny. It looks unnatural.

    1. I'm sorry, I don't see any bags?

      Also, I am blessed with a naturally fast metabolism. With the state that a lot of the people in our country is, I can understand how you could confuse me as anorexic though.

  5. Anonymous,
    I have only one question for you, if you're willing to answer. Why?


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