Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ethan Isaac Alan Leggett

 (scheduled post)

 My brother, ladies and gentlemen.

Ethan, Papa, Phillip (family friend), Jared (Cousin) summer 2007 working calves
Ethan and Jared 2007


Ethan and Caleb 2011

Shaving in stages... 2011

No more beard! 2011
Papa, Ethan and Tori end of 2011

end of 2011

Ethan and Tori 2012
     He probably won't ever see this, but today is his 24th birthday.. and I just couldn't help but tell y'all how much I love him.

  Now, we haven't always gotten along very well, still don't sometimes.. but there's nothing quite like a big brother.

  We've fought like cats and dogs over the years. From being the annoying little sister doing god knows what. To him elbowing me in the face and chipping my (only) five adult teeth. Good times! Ethan may not be the most protective brother, but he's one of the smartest, funniest guys I know. Today he turns twenty-four (Is it weird that I still see him as a teen?).

  Despite everything we've put each-other through.. I have a lot of respect for the goof (no matter how much of a baby he can be at times..). I mean.. how can I not respect the guy who gave me another sister? That's what Tori is to me. She's not a sister-in-law, she's a sister. I guess having a brother isn't such a bad thing after all ;).



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