Wednesday, April 10, 2013

If time travel was possible.

My impression of the duck face... haha

This is why I DON'T blow dry my hair..

MUCH better

Because this is how I role on a hot afternoon

 The other day, my mom and I were talking about families and the roles the kids play. I'm more than a little appalled at how my generation, and even the one before me, acts. Don't even get me started on the one after me.

  Back in the day, families worked from sun up to sun down. The boys worked in the fields or whatever their father's trade was, and the girls worked side by side with their mother. Learning how to take care of house and home ever since they could walk. Children were taught responsibility  and only AFTER they had their work done could they play. Work wasn't a dirty, bad word to them. It was their way of life, and honestly, I believe they were better for it.

  Because of their life style, they matured much quicker than we do now days. I mean, the girls were married by 14 or 16 for goodness sake! 20 was an old maid!!

  With the world now days, it's hard to raise your children in such a way; what with TV, Movies, the Internet, Music, and just generally being connected to SO MANY people. I like to think that homeschooling gives you a form of what they used to have. ( As long as you really ARE homeschooling and you're not taking a bunch or classes at some "home school" thing, and I'm not talking about a Co-op, because those are actually good.) 

  Whether you home school or mainstream your kids, you can still instill great values such as appreciating work and not thinking of it as a bad thing, and  MANNERS good grief this country is full of people with no manners.

  I'd like to see what would happen if kids now days were transported back in time even just a hundred years for a week. I'm willing to bet they'd either be dead.. or wouldn't be able to sit because of all the spankings they got. I mean.. kids don't respect their elders anymore. It would be a funny sight to see, I'll tell ya that much.

  My kids will be raised how kids used to be raised. They will grow up helping around the house, doing their school work before playing (because I'm trying to teach myself that..), respecting those older than them, and so SO much more. I won't make it easy on my kids, but I can promise they'll thank me later.




  1. 2 Timothy 3:2 - "disobedient to parents"

  2. i read an article yesterday about this same idea - kids don't have motivation to do anything anymore because they all get trophies for participating and no one spanks them. therefore they feel entitled to everything and that they don't have to give forth any effort to be recognized. it's sad really, and it's such a disservice to their futures.

  3. I couldn't agree with you more.

  4. You make the "duck face" not look so bad.
    I would say that I was raised right in most of these respects, but I was never punished to hard after I learned respect when I was young so there wasn't a lot of problems fortunately. Since an IT degree wouldn't do me much good 50 years ago, I wouldn't last very long in the past.


    1. Haha thanks :).

      Well that's good :P.



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