Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lead me oh Lord

  I've had crushes before, but I've changed a lot since I've had a major crush. I want different things, I also have God pulling on my heart constantly. It's hard. I really like this guy. More and more as I get to know him. 
There's the fantasy side of my brain that just wants to run free with my feelings and see what happens. It's the side that has it planned out HOW it wants things to happen. 
But then there's the side that knows what God has is best. That side of me is furiously praying for this guy ( I don't know if he's a Christian...), me and whatever friendship and whatnot is between us. 
I really like this guy, but I can't be crazy and run free. I can't just give my heart and feelings and future to this guy. Not only do I have no idea whether he'd ever return the same feelings, but I don't know if he's who God has for me. 
I could really use some prayer. I'm friends with him... God needs to guide me in this. I need His help to make it through this. If he is the one? Well neither of us are who we're meant to be yet. And if he isn't, well if God wills it, I'd love to be good friends with him. Really I just need God to lead me through this. Clear direction is what I need. 
This thing we call "like"... I'd forgotten how difficult I was when you're striving to follow God. Of course, I was even more of a baby Christian back then, so now it's even harder cuz my desire to do right is stronger. 

Pray for me please? 




  1. Got it! Praying! Remember to cling to God' word and ask God to show you signs that you're on the right path and ask Him for guidance. The book of James says that when we ask for wisdom from God without doubting, He'll grant us that wisdom.

    1. Thank you so so much Faith :).

  2. Take your time. You like him a lot and that's great but rushing it can make us blind to things we need to see. Our head and our heart should work together. It's infection to hear how excited you are but remember, you're only 18. You have a lot of people to meet in this world :)

    1. You're right :). I also know that God still wants me single.

  3. I'll be praying for you :) Crushes after a serious involvement are the strangest feeling.


    1. Thank you!!!

      Yes.... Yes they are.


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