Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Meh and pure excitement.

I'm part of a link up group called whatever wednesdays stated by Shay and Alissa.
This weeks topic is: My first kiss

My first kiss was with a guy named Danny. My first boyfriend, who was seriously a douche. I don't really feel like going into detail here, all I'm gonna say was it was fast, and really wasn't great by any means. Like seriously.. haha.

In OTHER news. I found out something amazing about my crush lastnight.... HE'S A CHRISTIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, I might be a bit excited. Whether he's to be my future husband or not, he's forever a brother in Christ and THAT my dears, sends me over the moon!

Rehearsal again tonight, I can't wait!!

Oh! and just in case you were planning on seeing World War Z... don't waist your money.



  1. my first kiss sucked too. but luckily that first one doesn't mean anything about the rest of them haha

    and yay for the crush's soul! :) you are too cute!

    1. Good point ;).

      Bahaha thanks :P

  2. first kisses aren't always great, but they are memorable because it's the first one hahaha.

  3. "Seriously a douche.." Oh sweetheart, that's funny.

  4. World War Z wasn't good?! I read the book a few years ago. My husband said the movie is not at all like the book, so I'm guessing the book was just way better.


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