Wednesday, August 21, 2013

We're all slowly dying...

 So today's Whatever Wednesday topic is somewhat strange. I'm supposed to write my own obituary.... I tried being down right silly about this... but I'm no good at it, so this is what I would hope people would say about me if I died today...this will likely sound very conceited...  :

Alana Donae Leggett lived a short, but full life. She was a sunshine to all those around her because of her infectious smile and loud laugh. Passionate would be a great way to describe her. Passionate about people,God, and the talent He gave her, singing. When she sang... especially in worship... she touched everyone who listened. Nothing made her feel more alive than when she worshiped God with all of her heart. It brings those who love her most, great comfort knowing that she can sing at her Lord and Savior's feet for all eternity now. 
  In her short time on this earth, she touched many people. Countless lives were touched because she let God shine through her. The tragedy is that she never got to be the wife and mother she always dreamed about, but she's in a better place now. Waiting to receive those she loves that are still here. 
  Alana leaves behind her parents (Bob and Suzan Leggett), her maternal grandmother (Vernice Visser), Her four siblings and their families (Katie, Jonathan, Caleb, and David Hood; Shelli, Michael, Adon, Ace, and Ava Stephens; Becky, Daniel, and Kezley Boyle; and Ethan and Tori Leggett), along with countless extended family members and loving friends. She will be greatly missed by all. 

Shalom y'all, 


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