Monday, October 21, 2013


  This weekend was my birthday weekend. I have to say... 18 was the best birthday I've had thus far!

Friday morning I walked Main Street Fredericksburg with Laina. We didn't buy anything, we just looked, and talked. It was nice :).
We headed to Marble Falls because I had a hair appointment and mom and I had chiropractor appointments. After that, we brought Ocean home with us. The evening was filled with laughter and good fellowship.
Saturday morning is always my Stephens nephews and niece's soccer games. So went there... and froze to death. Laina, Ocean, and I were all huddled together in the cold. Ocean's mom came to pick her u[ at some point during the soccer games.
Mom, Laina and I had lunch with my life long best friend, Abby, and her mom(my second mom), Ginger. They moved to Waco this past May, so it was super sweet of them to drive down so they could see me so close to my birthday!
The afternoon was spent with Laina. It was warm, so we went out and sat on some rocks and just talked. Mom and I took her back to town and picked my new friend, Elizabeth, up from work to bring her home with us!
Elizabeth and I spent our evening laughing and sharing our life stories with each other.
Sunday, instead of going to church, we went to a BBQ for my dad's work. We went to this guys house, and he had a pool and a beautiful patio. It was really nice. Shelli and her family, and Ethan and his wife were there as well (since they work for my dad), so it was a lot of fun. Having Elizabeth there made it even more fun!
It was all around just a funfilled, God filled weekend. I couldn't ask for anything better, and I wouldn't want to. I'm so thankful for how blessed I am!


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