Friday, January 3, 2014


new Fred ring :)

My cousin Emily and I.

Epic shirt from Becky. 

Photo shoot with this beauty

The first day of the year with these lovely ladies. 

So Laina designed this for me. It will someday be tattooed on my side. 

This year.... Twenty-Fourteen.... good Lord. How do I describe my feelings about it?

I see..... Pain..... And so so much struggle..... But I see growth.... Through all the tears and heartache. I see a hurricane...... And somehow..... At some point..... Finding the eye of the hurricane...... Where the wind is whipping at my hair and clothes...... But I'm standing firm..... In God..... With a look of determination on my face.... 

That's what I see and feel my year entails. And you know what? I'm terrified. I can't even come close to expressing how terrified I am. I know that I'm gonna grow a lot this year and I'll look back and be thankful for everything, but looking forward and seeing what I'll be walking through.... Is really scary. 

  I know that the only way I'll make it through is if I cling to God, but that won't take the pain away. That won't make this easy. Though I guess as a Christian, I didn't enlist for an easy life. 

  If I could skip this year, I would in a heart beat... But I can't. So I might as well gear up for war. 

  Here's to another year. 



  1. The war won't be fun, but the strength you'll gain from having walked through it will help you in life more than you might be aware of. God will totally use your story to empower someone else! so take heart, people are here for you no matter what. phil 4:13 i can do all things through Christ who gives me strength


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