Friday, March 14, 2014

Feed the monster...

  I'm an emotional, moody person. Especially when I'm stressed. Patience is definitely not my strong point (HA! that's an understatement), but when I'm stressed out... my fuse gets shorter and shorter. I feel kinda bad for the people who deal with me on a daily basis. I mean, I know that I'm a loyal, good friend. I know that when I'm not too wrapped up in my own problems, I'm a good listener, and when I can get past the junk of my life, I can actually be a lot of fun to be around.

 I realize that I have a lot of good qualities, but with how life has been, and how I've handled it, I've been a mess. I've been moody to the max, being grumpy when I have no *real* reason to be, snapping at people who don't deserve it, and really just being a awful person. 

  This is the flesh, the human response to the stresses of life. I have another choice though. I can chose to hand it all over to God, and go along my merry way. I can chose to keep my eyes above the waves. It's hard to chose, and hard to hold onto, but it feels amazing when I do. I'm fighting for that choice. I'm fighting for happiness, and level emotion, and really just being a decent human being who is completely and wholly grounded in God. He is the rock on which I stand. With him, I will not fall. He keeps me afloat. 

I am *so* thankful for that.... 


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