Thursday, March 6, 2014

It's the most crazy time, of the year...

  How do I know that spring/ kidding season is in full swing? Well, we have 38 baby goats on the ground so far. With one set of quadruplets, and multiple triplets, twins, and singles. 
Oh! And we still have around 20 nannies to kid, so we should be getting *at least* 30 more kids. 
  We have 7 predicted orphans so far (most nannies can't raise more than two babies, because they won't have enough milk as the kids grow). Yup, it's a crazy time on Red Mountain Ranch. 
  Come April all the kids should be born, but that means orphans to feed and *lots* of goats to milk. Yes, of course mom has to go to Becky's to help with the dilivery of her second child. Oh Lord help us. 
Prayers for now that we would find someone who could help out during that time, would be much appreciated. And when the time comes, prayer will be needed that everything goes smoothly. 

Ranch life is *never* dull, that's for sure. 



  1. GOOD LUCK! i'm sure everything will be fine. enjoy the chaos though. it makes you more appreciative of the calm :)

  2. Hi! I stumbled onto your blog and it looks very cute :) I've been a blogger for a while and am a Christian too, so it's nice to meet people in the blog-sphere that have similar interests! Please feel free to check out my blog too (I'm just starting to post again, so it's a work in progress :))

    1. Thanks! I'll check your blog out!

  3. I'd like to be able to say I can relate, but we only have one kid. Several dozen chicks, but chicks aren't hassle like kids are. Praying for April and hoping that y'all can wade above tide of kids ^.^ :)


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