Wednesday, May 28, 2014

For the love of family...

  So this is the first time in a few years that ALL of my siblings and their spouses and kids have been here at the same time. It's amazing. 
  This weekend was crazy busy, but so much fun! full of hanging out and celebrating birthdays and playing cards.
  So far this week Laina has spent time here, it's rained a lot, and our new counter tops have been installed! There are many awesome things that have happened and are happening and it's just so refreshing. It's funny, I finally get to where I'm trusting God's plan even though it's rough at times, and now cool things are happening.

  Monday, Laina and I were just walking to the mail box and THIS
is what we saw!!!!!!!!!!!! I was giddy with excitement! haha
Yesterday morning the creeks looked like this:

A little past our crossing

Three of the cutest kids I know. 


The same creek (Camanche) that's on our property, just a few miles down.

One of our other crossings. 
 Life is good, Y'all. 

Baby Briah

Shelli and Briah

Kezley, Ava, and David at their birthday party.

David blew Kez's candles out..

The best way to eat cake...

Licking daddy... haha

Ava and Kez. Haha checkout those blue lips!

Adon and Briah

Mud pies make little girls messy

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