Tuesday, June 10, 2014

For I know my plans for you, says the Lord....

I don't know about you, but I'm a planner. Not the kind that has her every moment planned, but the kind who has her life far in the future planned. So today's reading really hit me. 
  I believe that dreaming is healthy, and something God encourages us to do. It's planning that becomes a problem. As my dear Onyca put it so beautifully, "Where one is holding His hand and trying to see what He sees, the other is trying to make our own ideas reality."
  I do have plans for my future, but they are plans which God has placed in my heart. Some started out as dreams, and others God just spoke into my life. I have plans to go to G42U. That started out as a dream of mine, and God turned it into reality. 
  I am currently in the process of dissolving the plans I have which haven't been put in place by God. Some of those will be kept as dreams, and others I, with God's help, will put out of my heart for good, but that's between me and God. 

  The point of this post, is to encourage you to evaluate your heart... and your plans. To see whether you're controlling your life, or whether your life has been placed in God's ever capable hands. 


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