Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Little miss Cora

  This morning started out like any morning. 
Becky and I were out at the barn when we got a call from our mom. Tori's, our sister-in-law, water broke. Now, Tori is 30 weeks pregnant today, so this isn't a call we were expecting anytime soon. 
Our parents, as well as our brother Ethan, have been out of town, so Tori was all alone. 
  Becky and I have been at the hospital all day supporting Tori. 
  This is what the dr says: Tori will have to stay in the hospital until Cora is born, and their hope is that that won't happen until 34 weeks. So Tori may have 4 weeks of being here. 
The good thing is that Tori feels fine, and Cora's vitals are strong. God has His protective hand over both of them, so I'm not worried. 

  Prayers for peace and protection would be much appreciated. 



  1. I have an army praying for them. It'll all be good. This I am sure of:)

    1. Thank you <3. I agree, everything is going to be just fine :)

  2. oh no! sending prayers your way! no fun to spend a month in the hospital thought :(


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