Friday, September 5, 2014

Week 2

  This past weekend (labor day), we got to go to Pedernales State Park and we floated the Comal river. Both things were firsts for me, so that was really fun. Tuesday, unfortunately, I was stuck in bed sick. It's hard to function when you're puking.... I was able to at least hangout with everyone by supper time, though. So that was nice.
The last few days have been mornings full of gardening and afternoons with a testimony (a new person each day) and Nate teaching. I have yet to share my full testimony, but I'm excited/nervous to.
Y'all, the more I get to know my classmates... housemates (which includes our teachers), I just love them even more. We really are such a family. When I was sick, everyone took such good care of me, and just the atmosphere of sharing and connection and acceptance is really great. We each have our own views and opinions, but there's so much respect in how we interact. It's pretty great. 

  So far, we've had two worship nights and both have been so incredible. Words of life and encouragement have been spoken. Worries have been surrendered. Tears of joy and healing have been shed. Chains have been broken. It's been really great. 

  I feel like... I'm only two weeks in and I already have a hunger and desire for more than just a "good Christian life". I wanna live a radical and passionate life for God. I believe that I've been called and marked as a world changer. I believe that anyone can be a world changer and I CHOOSE to take up that challenge. 

  Gosh. This place.


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  1. how exciting! i'm so glad you're loving your time there so far :)


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