Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My soap box

All people ever do is complain. It's seriously starting to piss me off.. I know I'm nowhere near perfect in that area, but seriously people... I'm starting to realize how freaking annoying my generation is.. scratch that, not just my generation, everyone. Makes me wanna be a loner and stay away from people. no wonder I can come off as anti-social.

Oh yeah, and all you people out there who lie and cheat and scam to get whatever you want, own up to your own stupid mistakes . I'm sick of people getting to run around with "no consequences" you'll get what's coming to you if you don't turn around and own up, and change. You can't apologize and then get upset when the person you hurt didn't get over it immediately. you messed up and you're lucky if you EVER get trusted enough to get the opportunity to choose whether you're gonna screw everything up again. So deal with it.

Yeah, I'm fed up. But I'm not just gonna post this note and then stew . I'm gonna throw myself into God and make sure that I'm never like the people I've been talking about. Yes I know I'm being a hypocrite because I'm complaining about complainers .. well I'm gonna work on that too.

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