Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ridiculous standards

I know everyone should have morals and standards and stuff.. but some are just not cool. Like the "once a cheater, always a cheater. If they cheat once, they will again." I completely disagree. Yes, some people don't give a crap about anyone but themselves, and they're gonna cheat when they see something they want. But not everyone is like that.
There's also the "good looking people, are successful people" . That really pisses me off. People need to quit worrying about the outside so much, and worry about their inside. I have issues with this sometimes too, but I'm really working to be like God and look at the heart. I know a lot of really good looking, beautiful people, that are soo ugly. It makes me sick. I wish I didn't care about how I look. that I could be comfortable in public without makeup and such. but keep pressing on..

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