Friday, October 21, 2011

Moving on

I'm really proud of myself... over the last week or so, I've made more progress on working through the past then I have in months. I'm learning to forgive and forget. To move on. I'm actually a happier person now. Not so bitter.. and mean. My life is looking up :)

I am so incredibly excited for my amazing sister Becky , to come home!  I haven't seen her since January... that's WAY too long! She's gonna look so cute with her little baby bump :).

It's almost that time of year again.. Christmas.. gifts.. and family. I'm starting to get a little stressed about the gifts part.. because  we're not having Christmas at the normal time.. we're having it November 19th. Since this the year that my siblings go to the In-laws house. Crazy, I know. That means I have less than a month to have everything bought and ready.

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