Thursday, November 3, 2011


I often wonder.. why. That is..why do the things that happen to me.. happen?
At church, my pastor has been speaking about sewing and reaping. Ok.. so in everything I do.. I will reap what I sew. Sounds simple enough. But wait.. I can see how some of the things that happen in my life are stuff I'm reaping... but not everything.
I know that if I'm a good friend to people. Then that's what I'll get in return. But what about when I get in fights with people.. when I didn't do anything to start it.. is that just life? or is there some greater meaning behind that? Or like when my sister had a miscarriage..what was done to cause that?
There are so many mysteries. So many questions I have to ask. When I make it to heaven, I'm gonna curl up in God's lap.. and ask Him. For I doubt anyone but Him can give me a for sure answer.

Until then .. <3

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