Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's... hard

Why are relationships so hard? I'm not talking just guy/girl relationships.. I'm talking with friends . It seems everywhere I turn I'm saying something I shouldn't.. people seem to be so sensitive... or maybe I'm just not sensitive enough to them? I don't know.. God please help me..
Seems like every few days.. there's  something..whether it's something I said or did.. or not. :'(
When will I learn ?? when am I gonna figure this world out? figure these people out? Am I incapable of understanding peoples feelings?
When is it gonna get easier? When will it stop? I want life to get easier.. but it never seems to :'(. oh well.. we live and learn .. right?? I sure hope so. I won't survive otherwise.
I know that one day I'll wake up.. and all this will be lessons learned.. but when will that be??

I have learned some.. I look at my and Micah's relationship.. far from perfect.. but we've got a year and 5 months behind us, and a lot of love between us. It makes my skin crawl to see these couples that have just gotten together act so in-love, and everything. When they've only been together for a week. or they're one of those "off and on" couples. that will be together for a few weeks.. then then breakup and then get back together and act so in-love all over again. These people don't know what love is. Stuff gets hard and they break up.. and then take each-other back again. It's sickening. What ever happened to dating someone who you know.. and you can really seeing yourself marrying? instead of acting like you're not hurting yourself by jumping around. *sigh* oh well. that's life. people make their own mistakes. The best thing I can do is be there for them when they get hurt.

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