Friday, November 25, 2011

One Big Tornado

Thanksgiving was pretty awesome this year. My mom's brother and sister came with their spouses and her brother brought two of his kids.
 Let me tell you... FULL HOUSE!
We had 22 people in all.
Well that's what happens when theres 5 kids in the family, 4 of them married and have produced 5 kids.
Yeah.. lots of people.
For the most part it was fun though.
Football on the Tv (*sigh* of course...)
Turkey& Ham
Sweet Potatoes
Loaded mashed Potatoes
Green bean Cassarole
Cranberry salad
Cresent rolls
Pumkin Torte
Cards being played after dinner
oh yes, Fun!
Aside from me pulling a shelf full of books on my head atlest.. lol

I gotta say.. I love my family. So much. I wouldn't trade them for Anything!

-Alana <3

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