Monday, November 28, 2011

Tickle fights

I'm loving having my sisters Becky and Kt here. as well as Becky's husband Daniel, but even more so Kt's two little boys, Caleb and David.

Caleb being all of 3 years old is my sweet little buddy. Full of tickle fights and giggles. Just this morning he was quite thankful when my hands we're frozen ;). that little boy has one warm body "Your hands are cold! Wanna (his name for me) stop!!" Muahaha !! What are Aunts for if not for torchering their nephews with cold hands? ;)

David on the other hand is a little drool/ spit up monster at only 6 mos. I've dubbed him Mr Smiles though. Cuz boy can he smile :).

They sure are a joy! I don't know how I would ever be able to go through life without them.

The months when they're away are heart wrenching for me.

I hate to think how many smiles and giggles I'm missing out on! :(

Thinking about and spending time with them just make me even more anxious to get some of my own.

Someday with my prince, I'll get my wish. Oh yes.. yes I will :). with the perfect HOME and perfectly imperfect FAMILY :)

-Alana <3 

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