Saturday, November 19, 2011

We got it all

Tonight we had our Christmas.
A very early Christmas.
But hey.. who cares?
We were together as a family.. and that's what counts :)
What a big family we have.
All of..
4 girls (1 sister in-law included)
4 boys (3 brother in-laws included)
4 nephews
2 nieces ( 1 on the way included)
1 mom
1 papa
and 1 grandma

yup.. I know... That's quite a few people.
It was so much fun though.
and a full make up kit !

I think I made off well !

It's alittle sad knowing that It'll just be my parents, grandma and I here December 25.

I hate when everyone isn't  together. but I guess that's part of growing up and moving on.

Thank you God for my amazing , crazy, awesome family .

Alana out <3

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