Thursday, December 1, 2011

Giving You all I've got

Lastnight was youth group.. and I must say that even though we only missed one week because of Thanksgiving, I really missed it.
Youth group is where I really get a spirtual jump start.
Lastnight.. was a Huge one.

Brooke spoke instead of Bobby,
What did she speak on, you might ask...

Not being a lukewarm Christian.
God calls us the sons of light.
We are the vessles to light up this world.
To show love to everyone we see.
You never know how a hug or even just a smile, could save a life.
You may only get one chance to touch someone...
So when God pulls on your heart to touch someone's life..
Don't make up exuses.
Quit living the comfortable Christian life..
Step out ..
Do what we were called to do.

Worshiping Him,

-Alana <3

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