Wednesday, November 30, 2011

You’re my air

You're my air, when I feel I can't breathe
Catching me, when I'm triping over my feet
We'll get through this together
You're my smile, when I just want to cry
Make it all better when you kiss my sad eyes
I'm giving you my forever and ever  <3

My future has been on my mind practically nonstop the last few days.
I want so badly to start my life.
Be married and have a home.
If only it were than simple.
I wish I knew without a shadow of a doubt who I'm meant to be with.
I want so badly to be right.
To marry the boy on my mind.
*sigh* It's all so uncertine.
He gradutes in May... That terrifies me.
I suppose I just need to figure out how to give it all to God.
I've tried in the past.
But really..
if I want this to work..
I can't sufficate him..
I need to just focus on what we have now..
and figureout the rest when we get there.
pray for me?
I would really appreciate some peace.

Dear God,
my heart cries out to you. For peace, for guidence.
Lead me, Oh Lord.
-Alana <3

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