Sunday, January 15, 2012

Before the last beat of my heart... 1

I've decided that I'm going to share my version of a bucket list with you. So here goes ! Now ignore the fact that these won't all be in the right order. I'm too lazy to make it perfect :)

(for some reason my links aren't working.. so the rest will have no pictures :(  )

Fall in love with my best friend-

Be called mommy-

Be married to the same person for over 50 years-
Try every cheesecake at the cheesecake factory-

Visit all 50 U.S. states -

Get a tattoo-

Have a daughter-

Be in two places at once (state line or something like that)-

Kiss someone at midnight on new years-

Have a baby-

Cuddle infront of a fireplace with someone I love-

Camp on the beach-

Kiss under mistletoe-
Find out why a raven is like a writing desk-

Grow old with someone I love-

Get my nose pierced-

Ride a gondola-
Get engaged -

Set foot on all 7 continents-
Donate blood-

Go to Venice, Italy-

Visit the Parthenon-
Those are a portion of what my heart desires. part 1, for now :)

-Alana <3 


  1. Inquiringly lovely! Thanks you for sharing this. :D

    And thank you for commenting. I am glad you enjoyed my post.

    In Him,

  2. What a marvelous list!


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