Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Busy Bee

Life seems a bit like a whirl wind, at times. 

You know kidding season ins in full swing,
when you get 10 baby goats,
from 3 nannys.

You read right. 
 2 nannys had triplets and the other had quadruplets . 

Also, dance class has been keeping me busy. 
I can't wait till the dance ! :D 
 Only a few details to sort out.. 
including getting my man to cut his hair...
it's really long y'all.
like almost to his shoulders.. 
Granted... he's growing it out because he and his friends are dressing up for the Avengers mid-night premier, and he's gonna be Thor.. and the movie comes out a week after the dance.. 
But honestly... I think he could find a wig to work.. idk : / *sigh* 

Anyways, I have a lot going on.. yeah. 

Love always,

-Alana <3


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