Thursday, June 21, 2012


I just got done watching the movie Courageous.
If you haven't seen it.. then you really should!
It's about how important it is for dads to step up as fathers.
How not having a father that's actively involved in your life. 

I have a great dad. He spends time with us. He provides for us. 
He's taught me many valuable lessons, but he's not a Christian.
 Most people don't realize the impact something like that has on a kid. 

I go to church every week with my mom. I see all the families.. Mom, kids, AND Dad. I know the Bible tells us not to covet what other have.. but I do. I'm envious of those families that sit down at the dinner table and Dad prays. The families where Dad is the spiritual leader. I wish that I could go to my dad with a problem and know that he'd pray with me about it. I wish that when my parents make a decision , my dad would seek what God wants. 

If you have a Godly father.. don't waste him. What you have is special. It's worth the extra strictness. One day, you'll be thankful for it. You'll be thankful that you were blessed with a Dad that puts God first. 

Love always,
-Alana <3


  1. I use to pray for your daddy's salvation. Thank you for the reminder to start doing so again!


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