Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Coming clean

This is the post where I tell you about my fears.. 

1)The idea of being single terrifies me. 
Believe it or not.. 
there's a lot of comfort in being in a relationship. 
I mean.. 
what am I supposed to say now if some guy asks for my number?? (just a minor problem I know.. but still) 
Also.. I have to admit that I put alot of pressure on Micah, 
about helping me when I'm hurting or something.. 
I know I should be relying on God, 
and I will..
 but I gotta relearn all this stuff now. 
It's tough :/

2) I'm scared about getting my permit and license to drive. 
That's why I've been dragging my feet about it.
I know I'll be glad I went through with it, 
when it's all said and done.. 
but I can't help but be scared. 
*sigh* :/ 

3)I'm worried that when I graduate from highschool.. 
I'm gonna end up not doing anything with my life.. 
and I'll let down everyone around me. 
I've had some major stuff spoken over my life.. 
and let me tell ya.. 
it's scary to have so much pressure on my shoulders. 
What if I can't do it? 
What if I disappoint everyone? 

I've had these fears circling my mind for awhile now.. 
I'm beyond scared. 
I know that I have people who love me.. 
and that God will never forsake me.. 
no matter how majorly I screw up. 
But i'm coming to a point in my life.. 
I can either soar.. 
or I can crash to the ground. 
 The choice is mine.

Sorry for such a depressing post. 
clearly I've had a lot on my mind. 

Love always,



  1. You'll find the perfect boy for you out there. One day, you'll find him somehow! A girl like you totally deserves a good guy. You just need to make the right decisions :) God will totally support you with that.

    Don't be scared! The more you worry about it, the more trouble is likely to happen. It's just like a test that you take in school - you study for it, you do a great job. Be confident about yourself and pray that God will keep everything in control. I'm sure it will :)

    And I doubt that you'll bring everyone around you down. After high school, you'll do a great job. Sure, there will be some ups and downs about it, but just as you said, there's God, your friends & family to be there for you :)

    I think I should write about my fears too.
    Have a lovely week <3

    1. aww ! thank you for the encouragement! I appreciate it :).


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