Thursday, August 9, 2012

Chose wisely

I've noticed lately that some people don't realize the effect their words have. 

That, or they just don't care.

I wouldn't be surprised if the latter was true. 

People.. seriously, think about what your saying!

Words hurt. 


The things you say could seriously mess up the person your talking to.

Please, please, please use your head and only say kind things!

Think about why your saying something.

Is it because your upset with them?

Are you just looking for someone to hurt?

Is there any reason but being mean? 

Probably not. 

I've learned first hand how bad words hurt. 

People have said things to me.. from months and years ago.. and I still remember it clear as day. 

Words cut deep. 

Be careful.

Love always,

-Alana <3


  1. you're absolutely right. whoever said sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me clearly never spoke to a single person in their entire existence. there are still things that were said to me from years ago that i am still working towards putting behind me. a lot of that also deals with trust, which once broken is hard to mend.

    i'm sorry that people have said hurtful things to you. but you seem to have a good head on your shoulders, and i know that God fixes everything. So i'm positive that you will make it through just fine :)

  2. Words.. *sigh* they're more powerful than people realize.. I've had trust broken. Words that have cut so deep. make me question everything about myself. physical and personality wise.

    Something that's helped me is that when people say mean stuff.. they're either jealous.. or hurting.. or both. Don't worry about them.

    Thank you :). I needed that :)

  3. I couldn't agree more and I am also sorry that people have said un-kind things to you. I've also experienced hurtful words, and it just makes me want to work harder to NEVER do the same to others. Just last night I had the burning urge to spat off to somebody, but I caught myself just and time and starting praying instead. It helped...tremendously.
    The other day I saw this little acronym that speaks SO much truth!! Here, I'll share it with you-

    Before you speak- THINK!
    T- is it True?
    H- is it Helpful?
    I- is it Inspiring?
    N- is it Necessary?
    K- is it Kind?


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