Tuesday, August 7, 2012


It's days like these that my heart just aches for affection. 

It aches to be held.. 

cared for..

The pure kind of love. 

The ache to be cherished. 

Loved without condition. 

I'm slowly letting God be that for me, 

because I know, other-wise.. 

I will be lonely forever.  

A man can't meet my needs. 

But that doesn't stop my heart from longing for romance. 

Longing for the sweet tenderness of a surprise hug from the back. 

A kiss on the forehead. 

The look in his eyes when he tells me he loves me. 

Those strong arms wrapped around me when I'm upset... 

Handling any emotion I throw at him. 

Some have told me that I have an unrealistic idea of love, 

but I don't think so. 

I know there will be fights.. 

times when we just want to kill eachother.

 I also believe that God has a man out there who will cherish me.

Who will take all my emotions at stride and not let it shake him.

Who will hold me up when I am weak. 

I just have to become the woman that he needs. 

Love always,

-Alana <3

P.S. I'm a hopeless romantic, I know :) 



  1. Hi Alana! You won a blog design!


  2. I think that you are not unrealistic at all either :) Just make sure you stick to your standards and that you marry someone who really loves God, because if they are close with Him, God's love will fill Him, complete him, and he will love you the way he should. It should be natural.


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