Monday, August 13, 2012

For King & Country

While I was at Rock the Desert.. 
I got to take a picture with two really awesome and talented guys. 

For King&Country
Needless to say... my heart was beating really fast and I was almost shaking! They're Australian.. so their accents made me melt.. haha

If you don't know who these handsome guys are, here's videos of two of their songs:
Proof of Your love

Busted Heart (Hold on to Me)

Both such amazing songs.
I'm kinda in-love .. 

Love always,
Alana <3


  1. i've never heard of them, but they sound very good! 'busted heart' is really good.
    it's petty they're not that famous!

    - kisses

    1. Well, part of it is that they are fairly new. Their Album (only on so far) cam out in April.

  2. Awesome that you got to meet them!

  3. i just listened to their song and they have such angelic voices. i find it so interesting how they lose their accents when they sing. it's cool. LOL. anyways, happy that you got to meet them! :D

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