Saturday, August 18, 2012

Some thoughts..

I have this friend.

She's only a few months older than me. 

She's a few weeks from giving birth. 


That's probably what crossed your mind. 

Yes, she gave her heart up too easily. 

Yes, she messed up. 

But this post isn't about her.

It's about the boy who is the father of her baby. 

The boy who acted like a man. 

The boy who showed his true colors. 

Showed that he's nothing more than a boy and left. 

He's running away from his mistakes instead of owning up to them like my friend did. 

You see, she could have gotten an abortion. 

But she didn't. 

She's a 16 year old Junior in highschool, 

and she's getting ready to raise a child. 

She won't be alone. 

She has family and friends.

But she won't have the father there.. helping out. 

You guys... I'm sick of seeing this happen. 

The boys shouldn't get off the hook. 

I'm sure y'all know by now that I believe sex before marriage is completely wrong. 

BUT, if you're gonna do it.

At least be there for the results.

Be a father. 

A mother. 

Don't run. 

I pray that this sweet little girl that will be born in a few weeks, gets a father figure. 

She needs someone to be her daddy. 

Love always,

Alana <3

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