Thursday, September 20, 2012

The adventure (2)

After Rob and Shannon picked me up from Bonnie's,
we headed north.
They're from a nasty town called Merced. 
All their family still lives there, so that's where we headed. 
Because of an onion plant a few miles away.. the air was thick with this sickening onion smell. 

Anyways, we stayed the night at a friend's house... 
a huge... beautiful house. 
The woman.. left chocolate on our pillows! 
It was heaven. 
The shower was heaven! 
(here's a side note: I usually hate taking showers anywhere but my shower at home. Obviously I do it, but I'm just not comfortable. This shower.. felt like home.)

The next morning when we got up, we headed north. 
I was finally getting to see Becky and Kezley (oh and Daniel too)!!
As soon as Kezley saw me, she started giggling! 
I don't know if she thought I was funny looking or what,
 but she sure laughed!
Oh what a sweet baby girl. 

That day we didn't do a whole lot.
I got there around noon so we ate, 
and then we decided to do some painting. 
Becky does abstract art as a hobby and she does a beautiful job, so I had asked her to do a small painting for my bathroom (my bathroom desperately needs color.)
Well Becky had an idea-- She do one and I do the other. 
So we started with painting both canvases completely gray (so they'd have a background other than white.).
In the evening we convinced Daniel to watch the Hungergames with us. Never again will I get him to watch a movie with me that he knows nothing about. He asked questions the entire movie. 

Becky lives real close to an outlet mall, so the next day we set off to do some shopping while Daniel was around to watch Kezley. 
Let me just say, I'd forgotten how good of a shopper Becky was. 
She helped me find lots of cute stuff!
We headed home in the afternoon so Daniel could go to work and we just chilled. Did out nails and such. 

On Friday, we did some swimming! I got to meet Becky and Daniel's friends, because we went swimming at their apartment complex.

Saturday we decided to do the other side of the Outlet mall. 
We would only be a few hours, so Daniel agreed to baby sit again. 
Daniel had to be elsewhere that afternoon, so to entertain ourselves, Becky decided to take my Junior year pictures! (I'll post a few when I get them)
Luckily I had cute new clothes to wear in the pictures :).

Sunday was my last day, and since it was about 2 1/2 hours away.. we decided to leave after lunch. 
I had such an amazing time with them. 
Kezley is more sweet and adorable than I ever imagined. 
I love them so much. 

When they dropped me off.. I held back tears. 
Just like I always do when my time with my loved ones is over. 
Tears are just something that come easy for me. 
Happy or sad. 
Those tears.. were a mix of the two <3

Love always,


P.S. Part 3 tomorrow.

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