Sunday, November 11, 2012


Today is an important day for two reasons.

1) Veteran's day.
 The day that everyone takes a step back and honors  the men and women who fought for my freedom. Many who payed the highest price, the ultimate sacrifice. I am filled with an overwhelming sense of thankfulness and pride.  What a place that I live.. that people would be willing to lay their lives down for the greater good of everyone else. Thank you God, for blessing me in such a way as this. 

2)Today I Adon's 8th birthday is today. It baffles me that he could be 8 years old.. wasn't he just born yesterday? It feels like Shelli just called us to let us know she was pregnant. He started it all. He made me an Aunt for the very first time, and changed my life.. forever. Again I'm filled with pride and thankfulness. I love that boy so much. With every bit of my heart. Just as I do with each of my nephews and nieces. 

Important day? I'd say so <3

Love always,


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