Thursday, November 8, 2012

I did it!

I'm living proof that this is true. 
I've endured a lot of pain in the last months. 
I've grown so much in the last months. 
But I must add that without God, I would be no where. 
I couldn't do it without Him holding me up. 

In other news: I got my permit the other day!
I can officially drive! 
Admittedly... I'm scared. 
I mean, I know it's a step that everyone takes at some point in their life. Regardless, it's a huge step!

Love always,



  1. Oh, congrats on getting your permit. Yeah, I know I was scared when I got my permit, but you will get used to driving in no time!! :)

    Great post!! so encouraging!!

  2. Love you bunches! I am so proud of you for keeping your focus in the right place, even during the dificult seasons of your life! Keep it up!


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