Saturday, November 24, 2012

My Thanksgiving Week

It's baffled me how fast this week has flown by, but boy has it been fun! Filled with food and laughter, but most of all, family. 

From cards or dominoes at night, to doing nails and taking walks in the afternoon. Smiles and laughter was never gone for long, even with 5 little cousins running around. 

I'm sad that not everyone could be here (Becky's family and Ethan's family) but so thankful for everyone that has been here. 

It's safe to say, that this has been my favorite thanksgiving ever. 

I owe all that to my youth leader's prayers for a fun and peaceful family time, because that's exactly what I got. 

I can't believe that it's almost over. 
The Vissers left last-night and the Hudson's fly-out on Monday . Even though I have to go back to school, I'm glad that Kt doesn't leave till Friday. That way it won't be so quiet, so fast. 

How has your week been? Lovely I hope :)

Love always,

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