Sunday, December 9, 2012

Be who you are.

It's funny, I came home from church, inspired to write about being who you are, and then I read Stephanie's latest post and I couldn't help but laugh. Something tells me that God is trying to get this point across to me.

The sermon had several main points:

1) You are never going to please everyone at the same time.
Sure, you may do something that one person likes, but in doing that, a another person is  upset with you for doing that thing.

2) Not everyone is going to like you.
It's a simple, yet hard fact. If only people could learn how to breath the same air without scratching each-others eyes out just because you don't like each-other.

3) You are not going to agree on everything.
That's the beauty of relationship. Everyone has their own opinion, and own way of thinking. How boring would it be if everyone agreed on everything?

4) Be who you are.
My name is Alana Donae Leggett.
I have blue eyes that change to green depending on what I'm wearing.
My hair is curly and brown.
I have fair skin that simply will not tan.
5'7" ( my height) is short in my family.
No one else has or ever will be exactly who I am.
I am 100% unique.
So why wouldn't I be exactly who I am?
It's what God desires. You know why?
Because this is who He made me to be!

Y'all.. I know it's easy to just compromise and go with the flow of everyone else out there, but please.. PLEASE don't. Be different. Be unique. but most of all, be 100% wholly, and genuinely YOU!

Love always, 


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  1. I'm really short compared to everyone in my family too!

    1. Really? Wow :) I love meeting people who have things in common with me!


Jesus loves you & I do too!
Be blessed, but also be a blessing.