Monday, December 3, 2012

Just a little bit of romance, my love

This post is a hybrid of sorts. Partially inspired by Miss Stephanie from Pandora, and partially inspired by a seriese of books I'm currently rereading called the Canadian West series by Jannette Oke. I love her, not gonna lie.

When I read Stephanie's post The 90% Theory I imediately started racking my brain on what my take on  "love" is. I agree with "Ellie" on the fact that 90% of the population could probably make a marriage work with 90% of the population. Like wise, I agree with Stephanie on the fact that I'm not willing to be in a relationship that I'm thinking "I could have made it work with a lot of other guys too and this marriage would have been just as good." . The idea actually makes me sick to my stomache.

I believe that you can love a lot of people in life. I have loved (and always will in some way) Micah, and I will love atleast one more man somewhere down the road. Here's the catch though, there is only one person in this world that you will love with everything you have, while they love you just the same. That love, will never, ever fade.

While reading this morning, I got lost in thought about romance. Now, as I've said before, I'm a hopeless romantic, but I fear I never made it clear what I call "romance". To me, it has nothing to do with anything sexual, and everything to do with pure, sweet love. When your walking on ice and you slip.. and his strong arms catch you, leaving you both in this intamate imbrace that makes your face flush and your heart flutter. That, my loves, is romance. It's what makes my breath catch and skin tingle. Don't get me wrong, the sexual stuff affects me too. I am human after all, but at this point, as a single woman, much less married, sexual things are my flesh reaching out. Romance, is my heart. I long to be wrapped up in the embrace of romance. *sigh*

Love always,



  1. Unless "Ellie" is an alias for me... then that's wrong, and you know it Alana. I wrote about that weeks ago and I can show you. And if she did adapt that theory it wasn't on an original basis. All I ask is that you give credit where credit is due and nothing more.

    We've had out issues, but the least you can do is not plagiarize my work.

  2. Ellie is the girl in Stephanie's post. I know for a fact it is not an alias for you.
    I have no idea what you have or haven't written. This post was inspired by exactly what I said it was inspired from. I did not "plagiarize your work"

    Also, I don't appreciate you calling me a whore, but if you're going to do it, don't hide behind an anymous name.

    Oh, and I know I'm not the greatest writer. I don't claime to be very good. I'm not trying to win any awards here. This blog is my heart. I write to the best of my abilities and that's all I need to share my heart.

    That is all.

  3. This post is strong and beautiful--and I'm flattered that I could inspire you! Thanks for that great compliment :)

    I love your definition of romance. Oddly enough it made me melt a little. Quite unexpected and very nice :)


  4. Haha aww :) Thank YOU for the compliment!

  5. I'm also glad I commented before I read Bleah's comment XD Come on, Bleah. Don't jump down peoples' throats before you're sure of what you say. If you'd like to read my blog to alleviate your fears of being plagiarized, go right ahead.

    This is where I first mention my friend Ellie:
    This is the post Alana referred to:

    It's a coincidence that you also recently blogged about this; I had no idea.


    1. P.S. i wrote about the "90" theory back in July... so apparently it's made it's away around the blog world. And I can appreciate that, that my theory has been adopted and people appreciate. I just really wish people would give credit where credit is due.
      I'm just going to have to not be immature and get over it I suppose. But I do thank you for you candor.

    2. Haha, my friend Ellie isn't aware of the blogosphere XD You probably weren't the first person to have that idea, and no one is blaming you for writing about it. I'm sure someone else will eventually think the same thing--also independent of your blog.


  6. I completely agree with Stephanie. This post is amazingly beautiful. I think you're idea of romance is spot on.
    It makes me think of how a lot of girls today don't look for the pure, sweet love romance that you mention and it makes me sad 'cause thats the best kind of romance.

  7. I never said anything about you being a poor writer or a whore actually..... um. I don't know where you came upon that assumption.
    And I'm not jumping down anyone's throats by any means whatsoever. Alana and I have had many private conversations that aren't publicized to lead up to this where she has plagiarized my work on many occasions and as someone who takes writing seriously and plans to make a career out of it, an English major as well, that's a severe offense and I'm sorry if my humanity slipped through the cracks a bit to show I'm not perfect and it bothered me so much that I had to say something.

    My apologies to anyone who I offended.


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