Tuesday, January 1, 2013


 Twenty-thirteen. I like the sound of that. Every passing year has a different sound to it. Each have separate mixes of emotion and feeling just at the ring of it in your ear. I am determined to make 2013 sound.. inspiring.
Here's a conversation I had with Abby this morning that is a great example of my feelings.

Abby:" It'll be a good year. Safe? No.. Good? Definitely. 
Me:" What do you mean?"
Abby:"Like on Narnia. Lucy asks if Aslan is safe. She asked if he was a tame lion and the beavers said no.. but he is good! Haha. So that is how things are with God. We aren't promised comfort, but we are promised His goodness."
Me:"Ah, this is true :). Though, were are promised a degree of safeness, because no matter what happens, we will ultimately end up in paradise, or at the very least we can find comfort in Him. "
Abby:"Exactly. Good word :). Cuz He gives us supernatural comfort which is better than everything else. Whoop!"

  So here's my out look on the next 365 days:
They won't be easy, nor painless. If they were, I wouldn't be following God's plan for my life. This will be a year of learning. Learning to love those who don't show love to me. Learning to submit to my parent's will. Learning to hear God's voice, and trusting it.
  I don't have any major New Year's Resolutions. I simply wish to follow God with all my heart. I desire for His flame in me to burn brighter. I am the clay for His molding. My heart is the silver that He's been holding over the fire to melt away all impurities until He see's His pure reflection.

 So this is what I ask of you, Siblings in Christ, as your reading my posts , if you ever see something that doesn't line up with the word of God, with kindness and the love of God, point it out to me.

Happy New Year Y'all, Be blessed and be a blessing <3

Love Always, 


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  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2012 is definitely going be better. :D



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