Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I must admit..

  I'm letting One Direction in. I know.. this is big for me.. always make a point to stay away from the big fan groups, unless I was a fan before it gets huge.. but their music is so dang catchy!! It doesn't help that Laina has officially gotten the infection.

  So as I've been browsing their music this morning.. I came across a song that Laina had told me to look up, called "Little Things".

  My goodness.. I about cried. So freaking sweet.
Someday.. Someone is going to feel that way about me. I deserve that kind of love.

  So here I am Lord. I know you have my Prince Charming readying himself for me, just as I'm readying myself for Him. I'm excited to see who you have for me. What my future holds, but I wait.. because I know you won't let me down :)

Love Always,



  1. oh those silly one direction boys. i secretly love them, but i keep it hidden because really? boy bands? so 90s. hahaha


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