Monday, January 28, 2013

Scattered thoughts

Feeling accomplished after driving all the way home from town in MY truck!
Granted.. mom was with me, but still!

Silly goat. It's kidding season y'all. Angoras...
So attractive ;) we're best friends <3

  I have so many random thoughts floating around my head. My thoughts lately have been about life stories. What's your story? I've noticed a theme of good biographies.. they are always stories about what God has done in that person's life. I know my stories that are worth telling have to do with God's work in me.

  My mom and I were talking about school the other day, she made two suggestions: 1) Begin writing my story. Not only my life, but tidbits on how my older family members lives have touched mine. 2) Write Neecie's ( my Grandma) biography. She's eighty-five years old, who knows how long she has left. I should be asking her questions about her life and what she knows of how her parents and grandparents lived.

  With how much I love history, this should be really interesting! Since Tori(being an English major) lives next door, perhaps she can help with my grammar. Prayers and/or ideas on this whole biography thing would be greatly appreciated.

  Moving on: Friday was a great day for me. After I finished up with school, Abby Chandler  drove out just to hangout for a bit. I hadn't seen her since July, so you can imagine how excited I was!
A little bit before she left, Ginger and Abby Hammond came! Abby was to spend the night! As far as friends go, she's one of the most spiritual and in tune with God, so I knew I was in for a much needed God encounter and spiritual talk. God using Abby as His vessel set me free from anger and UN-forgiveness I had towards others and even more so myself. The doors to sexual things and perversion were shut for good. I forgave myself for my past, and demanded  that in Jesus' name the Devil has no power over me or those that I love. His demons no longer have foot holds in me.

  Y'all, I doubt I've ever felt this free or light before. Now anytime I feel a demonic attack, I just imagine the demon melting into a puddle. Works like a charm, because it's God's power, not mine.

  Let God set you free.



  1. oh honey i'm so glad to read this! and i hope you do start writing biographies! they are so neat, to read about peoples' lives and special things that have happened to them, big or little. you rock :)

    1. I'm glad I was able to honestly write it!
      I really think I will. Mine will be easier and I'll probably start writing it when I go to California in March (my parents and I are driving). Neecie's will be harder, but for now at the very least I want to get stories on tape so I can write them down in the future.


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