Saturday, February 9, 2013


..Future husband, beau, soul-mate, etc,

  I don't know you're name, or what you look like, but I already love you so much. I haven't a clue how we'll meet, or if we've known each-other our whole lives, but no matter, my heart is filled with love for you and our future. 

  I've spent countless hours day-dreaming about what we'll have. A house we put out blood sweat and tears into to make it our own. Beautiful children to be raised up in a Godly home full of love, oh so much love. 

  I pray for you... and myself. I hope that my past mistakes don't deter you from me, but draw you closer because I admit my humanity and that fact that I so badly need God and His mercy. 

  Now, I likely won't make it easy for you to catch me. My standards have been raised, and it will take some convincing to get my heart to let you in. Don't lose hope though. I've been told that men enjoy and in-fact need the chase.

   So chase after me. Woo my affections and eventually my heart. But as you do.. use true romance. Become my best friend before you ever try to go further. Respect me and my body. Until our wedding night, you're lucky if I allow you to kiss me. 

  Be patient with my many moods. Learn to just be there for me when I'm hurting, and if it's within your power, never be the cause of that hurt. 

  I am a lover, not a fighter, but I promise to fight for what I love. That also means I stand on loyalty. If my heart is fixed on you, my eyes will not wander. 

 Be pure of heart, mind, and soul. Everyone has a past, I just expect it to truly be in the past. 

Love God with all your heart. Even more than you love me. You will be doing both of us a favor. Also, be the spiritual leader of the home, for it is the man's place to lead, and the woman's place to be the help-mate. 

  Yes, my standards are high, but I have faith that if I follow God's voice, then you are just the man that I need. 



P.S. checkout this video.. true true words.


  1. Really nice thoughts in that letter. Stick to your standards. A high bar is difficult to jump over but the joy at doing it your way is worth the effort and the wait.

  2. What a sweet letter!! And reading about your standards made me think of how hard it'll be for someone to steal my heart.

  3. This is beautiful... and all but perfect. <3

  4. I watched this video about a year ago! It's so good!


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