Thursday, February 28, 2013

Does this make me a bad person?

  Some honesty my dears :)

  I think that Adel is WAY over rated. Yes, she's a good singer.. but she's no where near as good as everyone makes her out to be. That's not to say that people can't like or love her music.. It's just how I feel.

  While we're being honest about music.. what is up with all these famous musicians that can't sing worth crap  without auto-tune or whatever?? Yes, I am a fan of Miss Swift's music, but I admit that she doesn't have a very good voice. I mean.. if it weren't for all the sucky singers out there.. I would have absolutely no problem making it. Whether you think it's vein of me to say this or not, I don't really care, I have a really good voice. I have been singing my entire life and for good reason.

  I kind of hate (err strongly dislike) Ryan Gossling and Tom Cruise. So much so, that unless the movie looks amazing (and I mean amazing), I will refuse to watch it.

  I get hit on.. a lot.. whistles.. looks.. guys telling me "lookin good", and while it's nice having the reminder that people are attracted to me. I really wish they wouldn't... but hey, I take pride in knowing that it's me and not provocative clothing that draws this attention.

  So there ya have it.. getting that stuff off my chest feels good :)



  1. I've never been a fan of T Swift but I've listened to her live performances and was never impressed. I actually really like Adele's singing though I can't stand her personality. I don't mind Tom Cruise in movies because I can still separate that from his crazy Scientology antics but its getting harder to do that. There's a right way to tell a woman you think she's pretty; cat calls and whistles definitely aren't it

    1. Being a teenage girl, Swifts music appeals to me, but I admit, she's definitely not vocally talented.
      Oh my dislike of Tom Cruise has nothing to do with his personal life (I do my best to ignore famous people's personal lives), I just dislike his acting..
      Haha agreed

  2. I'm not much for T Sift's vocals, but her lyrics do sort of get me sometimes. It's almost like she's in my head with certain songs. But I do enjoy Adelle's voice for what it is. Maybe because it's easy for me to sing along with.

  3. While I have not heard much of Adele's music, except for her "Skyfall" song, which I really like. I agree that most singers are not that great, particularly country singers and rappers (I dislike rap a lot) sound exactly the same. But I am odd because I prefer instrumental and film soundtracks to anything else. Great post though. Also thank you following my, I am following yours now.



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